Landini tractors are world leaders in vineyard, orchard and vegetable row crop specialist tractors, but also with a great range of general farm tractors.



The Landini Multifarm is the NEW medium power ROPS tractor. A 4 cyl. 4.4L Perkins engine is equipped in all models, being either naturally aspirated or turbo charged. This engine produces from 74 HP with a wide range of specifiactions.

Strength, reliability and versatility are all key aspects of this tractor, specialising in several farming applications including: soil preparation, mowing, baling, orchard, loading and transport.

5-SERIES 5-110H


Three years after its launch in 2012, the 5H tractor range is now revamped with a newly redesigned cab. Featuring a four-post design with flat-deck platform and rear hinged doors, the new cab provides ease of access to the driver’s seat and unequalled all round visibility.

The cab interior is designed with painstaking attention to every detail. All controls are ergonomically-arranged for maximum comfort and ease of operation and the telescopic tilt-adjustable steering column tilts with the instrument panel, allowing the driver to constantly monitor the tractor performance. The air-conditioning system has been improved by relocating the filters into the rear posts for easier cleaning. As a result, the cab roof could be redesigned with a slimmer profile, allowing the tractor overall height to be reduced.

On the technical side, the new 5H tractors offer increased hydraulic flow (63 l/min + 30 l/min) and a larger fuel tank with capacity of up to 120 litres. The new tractor range also features transmission upgrades. The 12+12 power shuttle transmission with shuttle modulation control can been upgraded to a 36+12 speed gearbox with a T-Tronic 3-speed powershift that provides a top speed of 40 km/h at reduced engine rpm. The 5H tractor range comprises four models – the 90, 100, 110 and 115 – all powered by the new Perkins 854E-E34TA engines. Equipped with two-valve technology, common rail injection system and exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR), these 3.4-liter, four-cylinder, turbo-aftercooled engines meet the Tier 4 Interim emission regulations and offer power ratings from 88.5 to 113 hp. The first three models in the range come standard with Dual Power system. The 5H tractors are also available with iso-mounted platform.



Specially developed for non-European markets, the new Landforce series is offered in cab and platform versions. Featuring a simple and rugged design, this tractor is extremely user-friendly and easy to service and can work many hours without stopping to refuel,making it ideal to tackle virtually any tasks in the field and around the farm.

The Landforce 115 and 125 models are powered by FPT NEF4-2V 4.5-liter, 4-cylinder turbo engines that meet the Tier 3 emissions regulations and deliver 112 and 120 hp, respectively. Both models feature a Speed Four modular transmission with four synchronized gears in three ranges and a left hand steering-column mechanical reverse shuttle. Optionally, the tractor can be equipped with an electrohydraulic T-Tronic transmission that features a 3-speed powershift (H-M-L) and an electrohydraulic power shuttle. A creep speed transmission is available as an option for both versions. Offered as standard is a two-speed PTO with electrohydraulic control and multi-disc wet clutch. Both four-wheel drive and differential locks are engaged electrohydraulically, which makes driving the tractor with implements attached a lot easier. The hydraulic system features as standard a double pump that delivers 17.3 gpm (66 l/min) and 7.6 gpm (29 l/min) to the hitch and steering, respectively. A closed-centre system with a high-flow pump providing 29+10 gpm (110+38 l/min) can be supplied as an option. The tractor comes standard with two remote valves to operate implement hydraulic functions.

The rear hitch with 2-inch (50 mm) twin assistor rams is mechanically controlled and ensures a lift capacity of 9900 lb (4500 Kg). For more precise implement control, the version with closed-centre hydraulics can be equipped with an electronically controlled rear hitch with the same lifting capacity as the mechanical one. The Master Class four-post cab offers total comfort for long hours of fatigue-free operation in the field. The version with iso-mounted platform is equally comfortable as the cab version. The rear folding ROPS can be optionally equipped with a sun canopy.